10 awesome business blogs to follow in 2019

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Whether you’re just starting out in the business world or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur
who simply understands the importance of keeping up with new developments and
trends, business blogs are a great way to source information, inspiration, and learn a thing
or two from the biggest players in the game. With a great blog reading list you can stay
updated on everything from marketing to productivity and pick up some tips and tricks
to help your business excel!

Here’s our top ten recommendations for all things business blog. Well that is other than
our own… of course!


HubSpot covers everything from advertising and content through to hiring employees
and keeping your inbox clean. It’s a real goldmine of business information and news that’s
easy to digest and can be applied across most business models.

Shopify Digest

You might have skipped past the Shopify blog if it’s not your platform, but there’s an
abundance of free and useful advice for e-commerce and online business owners. If
you’ve ever Googled an e-commerce question, chances are the answer came from here.


Forbes is the place to go when you’re wanting to stay updated on industry trends and
leaders. They’ve also got a plethora of information about billionaire mindsets, investing
and better money management – so if you’re looking to hit the big time and need a little
push, Forbes might have the information you need.

Duct Tape Marketing

If you’re a bit stuck with the whole content and campaigns side of business, Duct Tape
Marketing have a great range of blogs to help you work through it and figure it all out.
They also address alternate forms of marketing, and different ways to attract your

The MOZ Blog

Know a thing or two about SEO? No? The MOZ blog is here to help. Basically all forms of
digital marketing are covered here, and the best part is that it helps you to do it all

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur with a huge trail of success following behind
him. He talks strategy, mindset and the foundations of success on his blog, along with
important updates on the entrepreneurial world.

Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker is dedicated entirely to B2B sales strategies and techniques. They cover
every aspect of sales from relationship building to actually closing – and it’s all written by
some of the industries brightest minds.


Playvox covers one of the most important aspects of business: customer service. More
than just how to interact with customers though, they cover quality assurance, programs
and technology, and how keeping your customer service up to scratch, actually, keeps
your costs down.

A Better Lemonade Stand

Starting out or just expanding to online? A Better Lemonade Stand covers everything
there is to know about starting out online, with practical, easy to follow advice.

Fresh Books

Fresh Books is the ultimate resource hub for small business owners who need a helping
hand in wrapping their head around everything. From goal setting and business
organisation, through to tax and financial help, you’re bound to find the answer you’re
looking for (or the answer you didn’t know you needed).

So get out there – get inspired, get educated and get motivated to learn, lead and
succeed in business, your OWN business!
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Thank you for reading.

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