5 reasons we can help you make your customers happy and make you money faster

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As an ex-business-lender who felt the direct impact of credits (and financier’s) reaction to
the Royal Commission, I have seen applications with strong capital, collateral, capacity,
great character with strong purpose of funds result in a declinal due to having a poorly
constructed or communicated business plan. For this reason alone, it’s a game changer
for a broker (or, banker) to have a business plan writer in their back pocket – but from
closing deals faster to making more cash, we’ve got a few more examples below that will
definitely get you thinking!

  • We complement your business services
    Providing finance for a business is wonderful, but what if they require a business plan for
    the application process? Are you just going to give your time poor clients a template for
    them to fill it out themselves, possibly resulting in their finance being denied and then
    having to go back and do it again? Or would you like a professional ex-lender who is
    across all of the credit policies, credit requirements and understands lending and the
    process to write the business plan which speaks to credit regarding the risks, but
    importantly how it will be actively mitigated or minimised?

When clients lose time, they lose money – in turn, you lose money too. Get it right the first
time and offer your busy clients a service extension they’ll be thrilled about.

  • We can help convert your deals faster
    Your clients don’t have much time on their hands. Not many people do these days. Do
    you want a dedicated resource who can express business plans for urgent matters within
    a day or two, or would you like to wait for your client to try and shuffle their life around to
    try and write it themselves? While that might be a great idea and a good cost saver for
    them, they have to spend twice as many hours as we do to craft a business plan up and
    there’s a high chance it won’t be of the quality that credit demands in this current
    lending environment. 3. We improve the likelihood of an approval
    Whilst we understand credit, we also understand business. We can understand what
    works, what doesn’t and what increases a business owners risk exposure. We work and
    educate the business owners to actively reduce the risks and put plans in place to
    manage such risks. We use specialised industry information, statistics and niche analysis
    techniques to understand the business inside and out. We display to credit the important
    information, not allowing the business plan to be consisting of fluff and air. A professional
    business plan is also usually well over 20 pages not the four to eight pages a business
    owner may attempt themselves. Also, the business owner will be given a chance to see a
    holistic view of that business and may change some strategies to improve likelihood of
    success, for example, may adjust their pricing strategy, their distribution methods, their
  • Improve your credibility
    By simply adding us to your repertoire, you are seen as an end to end service and have
    solutions for any missing pieces – do they need a business plan? You have it covered! Do

they need forecasts? You’ve got it! They don’t need to go researching around to find
reputable providers of such services when you can vouch for a service provider and have it
a ready for their utilisation and convenience! Saving time for your clients means
positioning yourself as an authority with a key competitive advantage.

  • Show you’re more than just a service
    You care that customers have everything they need when it comes to submitting a
    transaction! You know what credit assessors want to see and in 95% of business lending
    transactions a business plan is one of the requirements. Gone are the days that credit
    waive them. If you have a business transaction, get one done. This definitely speeds up
    the time to conversion. Which means… Pay day… for you!

So, why us?
Alright, a business plan writer is looking like a great option – but why choose us? We’ve
got years of experience across the business finance field, and as an ex-lender, we’re
knowledgeable on everything credit institutions are looking for. Aside from this and our
urgent turn around service, ask us about our referral fees! Yep, you get paid by your
happy, successful client and then you get paid by us simply for referring a client to a
service that worked to your advantage anyway.
There is a real return for you and your valued client to invest in a professional business
plan writer.
Visit us at Pathways to Business for more info, call anytime on 0450 871 934 or I’d love to
connect so here’s my calendar link to make finding a mutual time easy.

Thanks for reading!
Have a great day.

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