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Feasibility Study & Analysis

Identify demographic, legal, economic, technical, and competitive factors in your proposed business development project. With years of business experience at your side, Pathways To Business will guide you in discerning the advantages & disadvantages of undertaking a project and help in discovering new solutions and workarounds to meet your business goals.

With proper risk assessment, resource evaluation, scheduling management, and financial expertise, an appropriate return of investment (ROI) expectation will be as accurate as possible. From marketing to technology transfer & development, our team of experts aims to give you the most accurate depictions of both present and future business scenarios using all significant factors. Pathways To Business does all this within a reasonable timeframe and in a cost-effective manner.

Feasibility Analysis Services We Offer

  • Organizational feasibility analysis – Evaluate the business’ management competence, organizational expertise, and company resources.
  • Operational feasibility analysis – Analyze and determine whether the project meets the organization’s needs.
  • Scheduling feasibility analysis – Get an accurate estimate of how much time the project will take in order to be completed.
  • Financial feasibility analysis – Assess all financial aspects of the business including but not limited to the capital, ROI, expected cash flow.
  • Market feasibility analysis – Describe the current market for the business’ product or service, and identify potential market and competition.

Features to Include

  • Fast turnaround – Efficient & reasonable report turnover.
  • Cost-effective evaluation – Money and time-saving evaluation.
  • 24/7 support – Ongoing support to all your questions.
  • Expert advises – Over a decade of reliable experience.


  • Market Evaluation – Background, location, demographic, and trends analysis
  • Strategy Development – Competitive, keys to success, and SWOT analysis.
  • Demand analysis – Understand customer demand for products and services.
  • Final Report – Summary of recommendations, threats, and growth plan.

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