Business Plan Writing 101

A business plan plays a crucial role in defining your business goals and the strategic ways of reaching them. It is necessary to create a well-formed plan that will outline your business’ objectives, assets, connectivity, income-generating methods, etc. Through this, you will have a bird’s eye view on what your business currently have and where […]

Business Location Analysis

Location Analysis and Selection is one of the most fundamental executive decisions when expanding, relocating, or establishing a business. With rising investment costs due to land prices combined with long-term leasing contracts, it is crucial to study all the factors associated with your business site. Wherever sector your business belongs in, being at the right […]


Trying to build your brand fast and effectively by adding value and solving solutions for people? Then incorporating advertorials in your marketing campaigns is a must. An advertorial is simply an advertisement that provides a ton of value by being disguised as native editorial content. Key factors that influence the success of an advertorial campaign […]

Business Plan: The Backbone of Every Business

When we think of a business plan, we tend to think of it as a simple planning process for the beginning of business – this could not be further from the truth. A business plan is a strategic tool, created to support your business and evolve with it through every stage. While a business plan […]

10 awesome business blogs to follow in 2019

Whether you’re just starting out in the business world or you’re a seasoned entrepreneurwho simply understands the importance of keeping up with new developments andtrends, business blogs are a great way to source information, inspiration, and learn a thingor two from the biggest players in the game. With a great blog reading list you can […]

5 reasons we can help you make your customers happy and make you money faster

As an ex-business-lender who felt the direct impact of credits (and financier’s) reaction tothe Royal Commission, I have seen applications with strong capital, collateral, capacity,great character with strong purpose of funds result in a declinal due to having a poorlyconstructed or communicated business plan. For this reason alone, it’s a game changerfor a broker (or, […]